Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mortgage Insurance- TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Great news about mortgage insurance! This part of a mortgage payment use to mean nothing more then sending more money with your mortgage payment, NOW it is can be used as a tax deduction.

Consumer group questions insurance industry profits

WASHINGTON A new study suggests some insurance companies have dramatically increased profits while systematically overcharging customers.

Do Democrats like big business? They do if it is health insurance ...

The link below describes Schwarzenegger’s struggle to deal with the mess caused by the long standing government intervention into health care, which has prevented free markets from providing to health care what they have provided in ...

GCC insurance market set to grow

January 2007 Bahrain's chances to establish its position as a regional insurance hub are much brighter following an insurer's forecast that the total insurance market value in the GCC region will grow by $2 billion by 2010.

No Insurance for Arnold Q

So here's a guy, 59 years old, who wants to leave his old job — he's pretty sure he can make it big in politics; he's an entrepreneur, see... But he'll need health insurance. He smokes cigars now and then.

Re: [K1200GT (The Next Generation)] GT Insurance Costs {61444}

My GT costs 241 a year. High limits of liability, UM, 250 deductibles, road service, accessories coverage up to $7500. This is with multi bike coverage. No tickets or accidents Every state will have different rules and laws.

THIS is why you need property and contents insurance

Lightning strike leaves girl uninjured but results in home insurance claim The family of a girl who narrowly escaped a bolt of lightning which passed through her metal bed as she slept may be grateful they had home insurance to cover ...

Supermarket Insurance: Protect Your Assets.

We all need to make the important decision about which insurance supermarket proper selection for our supermarket.

China Life to issue first insurance A-Share - China Economic Net

I also love using this On January 9, the first insurance share in A-Share market, China Life (601628), will be listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, which means that the history …China's Ping An Insurance appoints underwriters for Shanghai ...

Was your auto insured with Farmers Insurance between 1996-2006?

The settlement will provide cash payments to people who were insured by Farmers, had an accident, and had insurance claims adjusted based on certain categories of these parts, known as “non-OEM crash parts,” between June 15, ...